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Rosi Leite
   I read the reviews this shirt fits as expected, so I was pleased to see when I put it on, it did fit correctly.  I like loose shirts I could covert to a fitness tee if I needed to, and that's exactly what I did! I wore it on casual Friday (red is my company's color) and the other employees responded well to the dressed down look, as opposed to the collared shirts I typically wear with jeans.  Then I wore the shirt at the gym and enjoyed the feel.  The fabric is thin enough it doesn't clump in places but not so thin you worry about bra lines showing. The sleeves are short enough to show arm but conceal the subcutaneous fat we tend to accrue beneath the arm.  I can see how this would look good on curves or slim figures.  The v-neck displays the collarbone nicely but still covers enough to bend over.  It doesn't ride up to show the big underwear we throw on Friday morning because we are too tired to think sexy.  Go for a different shirt if you want clingy--but this is a great alternative to the smaller sized models we find at the mall or the XL we order blindly in hopes it'll shrink or for that dreadful day we'll "grow into it." It may shrink a bit in the wash, but you can control that by letting it air dry.
Mohammed Ciise
   Love the fabric and my foot slides in and out easily.
Scott Baird
   Shirt fits small six year old boy perfectly

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