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four many kinds of 1000cc mvs in the deal

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Re: four many kinds of 1000cc mvs in the deal

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We purchased the Oxford Grey: 90% cotton/10% polyester  and the Granite Heather: 60% cotton/40% polyester
Fabric is thin but very comfortable. Wash well.  The Oxford Grey are more comfortable than the Granite Heather.  Both pairs wash well & retained their shape.
   Karthik Chandrasekaran
Awesome quality and the jerseys look great in the frames.  I just wish it had more room, getting a Medium jersey in there without cutting off a long name is almost impossible
   Dhibi Kaies
Good movie.  Great story.  Great music.  Movie was a little slow.
   Niamh Bradley
Comfy good quality
   Vera Thigpin
Perfect for kids! Great product and fast shipping
   Noe Noelia

previous lady will be exact akin to consorts

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