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Write within just just lubricate and that blow up water. Leasing a car

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Got this for my 6yo daughter and she loves it. Works great.
   João Carvalho
This sheet is soft, and of a neutral color.  Good for boy or girl.
   Jazzmin Pron Reolope
I bought this to display my metal detecting finds.  I wasn't sure how well it would work on thinner items to display either on the wall or sitting on its side.  I put silver coins in this, closed it up and turned it on its side and sure enough, the coins slid to the bottom.  BUT after putting some padding behind the white fiber stuff to make the glass more snug on them, they stay in place great!  Put another together of badges and tokens, they look great, Ive already ordered more of these and other sizes.
   Angela Palo

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