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make sure their positions quickly

Repeatedly bend from the waist apology to the manager, just in addition to the words apologized what rubbish don't dare to say as well.
    See to all through the night organize to re- produce to the manager, but result how obviously not, still can not produce a qualified product.
    The big river field beside advises a way:"Good son, you don't be angry, either.To the manager, you bottom go to again check for a while, see to have where neglect."
    To manager if receive general amnesty, repeatedly bend from the waist countermarch, leave room.
    The good son hair finishes fire and gives a deep sigh a way:"The Yi Chuan there has been already confirmed, they say that person already hand over to me from all of the data that the dreamlike food company steals, absolutely nonexistent leave out, don't also make duplicate.They feel I doubt that they are the indignity to them, so want me to return to Japan to apologize to them."
    The big river field says:"The Yi Chuan is there all right, our production factory the this place should also have no problem.So can explain a problem, that is the Yi Chuan what they get hold of is leave data."
    The good son nods a way:"Only this is possible, the dreamlike food there may use a kind of camouflage and cheated all persons of productions and also cheated the person of the house of Yi Chuan, so they get hold of of the thing is what other people want to make them get hold of, real of the core data still control in the dreamlike food hand."
    The big river field says:"I also think like this, so the person who controls this kind of core data is probably six Ping pings most .We since report the affair returned to and still continued the decision of waiting for the household!"
    So, once 2 people on every occasion sit in the office to wait for, wholesale Plantation shutters the period also talks a some households and business Mi history.After an hour, the facsimile machine of office rang, then a fax be spread to come over, the big river field pickeds up a fax.The Yan quickly and soon sweeps an eye fax, detection tops being some puzzling signs with disorderly code of, completely don't understand top what to write is what things.
    The big river field saw the above contents and said:"Household has already agreed your plan, will send a household superior tomorrow's night arrive to evil carry on grasping to catch to six Ping pings all, they decide to grasp to catch at the same time of, and owner Yan of dreamlike food flies."
    The good son sees his/her own plan getting batch to reply, immediately breath a sigh of relief and saying:"Now that the household decide to make moves, so I trusted.However household there still true careful, incredibly connect that discard Yan to fly to also want to grasp."
    The big river field says with smile:"Household there of the person also is to proceed from caution, Be not willing to can also fly with this Yan for Fan in case of six Ping pings to threaten her.You see she give up emperors all of the whole fly to open company for that Yan, know they of the relation isn't general."
    The good son says:"I incredibly neglected this to relate to, the person of household saw pour is more farsighted than me.To, do they when begin?"
    The big river field saw a fax a top a puzzling writing and said:"Tomorrow at the mid-night around 11:00, the superior of household will pass evil all open sea get into evil anticipate all will carry on grasping to catch an activity at around 12:00.We want to do now of, be make sure six Ping pings and Yan to fly a tomorrow evening where."
    The good son says:"I knew that I will make sure their positions quickly, then deliver intelligence report to go home the clan is there."
    Connecting down the all that the 2 people company measures is to catch he or she can get at household to the back of six Ping pings what advantage of affair, fight to these households, the Yan flies uninterested.Saw true nothing important intelligence report afterwards, he just left a prosperous virtuous food.He didn't move these 2 people, the nature wanted to make longer line to snare big fish, once these 2 people have an accident, big river household there may will change an activity plan, so impossible to effectively guard against. wooden shutters blinds

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